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Red Mill Mural in Phinney Ridge

Seattle Murals

Murals abound in Seattle, popping up on the side of buildings and disguising concrete in virtually every neighborhood in Seattle. Murals are a way for social causes to be conveyed, artists to express themselves and business to advertise their goods. Below are some of the Seattle murals you will see as you explore the city.

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Mural at Martinos

Below are photos and a short description of various murals found in some Northern Seattle neighborhoods. We will continue to add murals, give us a shout if you know of any good murals!


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Ballard Murals

Mural on 65th in Stumbletown

A wall on a building on 65th street in what colloquially is known as Stumbletown has had a couple of different murals over the years, including the previous one of Liz Taylor.

Henry mural along 8th Ave in Ballard

This henry mural along a wall on a private property off of 8th Ave in Ballard just above 65th Street features walruses on bicycles.

Henry mural on top part of garage

Another henry mural on a garage, but just the top part in this case

Mattress Firm Mural

A mural for two tenants of this commercial building, Mattress Firm and AT&T, tucked away behind cement trucks off Leary Way in Ballard

Fremont Brewing Mural

Fremont Brewing's prodution facility in Ballard has a number of murals on the building, including this crane on the front

Magic Touch Mopeds Mural

Magic Touch Mopeds off of Leary Way in Ballard has their building covered in a mural with engine parts

Hummingbird mural on retaining wall

This retaining wall on a private residence on 50th street in Ballard has a hummingbird mural painted on it

henry mural on side of the buidling

Bernie's Automotive Services in Ballard has a henry mural of a moose and bear fishing on the side of the building

Henry mural on Ballard Machine Works

Ballard Machine Works on 49th street has a henry mural with a sasquatch watering the garden

Hop Harvest mural of Obec Brewing

Obec Brewery in Ballard has a mural of the hop harvest on the side of their building

Flower mural

Seattle Coffee Works has a flower mural painted on the side of the building in the alleyway


Fremont Murals

4Bs - Ballard Grill & Alehouse Mural

This mural from the 4Bs - Ballard Grill & Alehouse is off of Leary Way between Ballard and Fremont, also knows as Frelard

4Bs parking lot mural

The 4Bs in Frelard decked out the parking lot with a series of murals, in addition to the mural on the building


Phinney Ridge Murals

Martino's mural on Greenwood Ave

Martino's on Greenwood Ave in Phinney Ridge entices potential customers with their mural on the side of the building.

Red Mill Burgers Mural

This colorful mural is from Red Mill Burgers on Phinney Ridge


Whittier Heights Murals

Henry mural on a garage

Henry mural painted on someone's garage on 8th Ave near 75th Street in Whittier Heights